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Workstation Office Sign Series


Workstation Office Signs manufactured in Melbourne, Australia are designed to be attached to workstation screens or partitions or within a workstation area.

Workstation Signs are offered in a range of sizes and types.

The signs are attached to the screen with custom brackets.

S brackets for the screen cavity, as shown above
U brackets to hang over the top of the screen


This section showcases some popular options for solving your workstation signage needs.

The C Channel Workstation Signs are perfect for high changeover names and staff relocation. 

How it works

How it Works - Workstation Signs

S2K have designed a range of signs that are most suited to workstations.

We also manufacture custom brackets onto which the signs are attached. Brackets are made to suit your particular workstation screen. There are many to choose from.

The brackets attach to the workstation screen in a number of ways:

  • the bracket fits into the cavity in the screen system cap

  • over the top of the screen

  • onto the face of the screen.

  • The Nameplate Channel signs, do not have End Caps.

  • Simply choose: 

  • The sign size

  • The type of bracket

  • Graphics Options Include: 

  • Vinyl Graphics on Aluminium

  • Vinyl Graphics on Polycarbonate

  • Printed Paper Inserts - Black and White

  • Printed Paper Inserts - Coloured


C Channel Nameplates


21mm, 42mm 63mm, 84mm,  105mm, 126mm


100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm 400mm

A4 & A3 Workstation Insert Signs

212mm Wide x 300mm High - A4 Portrait Orientation
299mm Wide x 212mm High - A4 Landscape Orientation
299mm Wide x 423mm High - A3 Portrait Orientation
422mm Wide x 300mm High - A3 Landscape Orientation
Other sizes are available on request, please send us your requirements.


C Channel - Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium

Cover - Clear Polycarbonate

Aluminium Inserts - Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium

Installation & Mounting

Although Workstation Signs are designed to be attached or fitted to a workstation, they can be mounted or applied to other surfaces minus the bracket. If you see a sign in this section that interests you, let us know and we can advise how else it can be utilised in your work environment.

The symbols above indicate the mounting options available to the Workstation Sign Series. Contact S2K Identity Systems for more detailed information.

Suitable Uses

The Workstation Sign Series is suited to a range of applications.

Suitable for interior use, some applications include:

  • Door Signs

  • Staff Identification

  • Name Plates

  • Area Identification

  • Staff Information

  • Notices

  • Messages

  • Cubicle Identitfication

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