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Whiteboard Sign Series


The Whiteboard Signage Series Melbourne is a whiteboard with a slim aluminium frame supplied Australia-wide, There are a few variations for both fixed and removable whiteboards offering added flexibility for office signage, healthcare, hospital signage and school signage. 

The frame can be 4-sided for a permanently fixed whiteboard or 3-sided to allow the whiteboard to be removed from the frame and interchangeable. 

The 4 sided frame also has the option of adding a Paper Hanger at the top of the frame which allows the addition of Paper notes, perfect for hospital, school or office signage.

How it works

Whiteboard Signs - Office Signs - Hospital Signage

The 3 sided frame enables the whiteboard to be removed for a mobile option.

The 4 sided frame renders the whiteboard fixed within the frame. This design allows for the addition of a Paper Hanger at the top of the frame, this allows you the user add paper messages or notes to the top of the whiteboard.


Only use a whiteboard marker to write on the whiteboard signs. 


Use a clean cloth or whiteboard eraser to remove marker.


The Whiteboard Sign Series is available in the following 2 standard sizes:

  • A3 Portrait, A3 Landscape

  • A4 Portrait, A4 Landscape


The overall dimensions of the unit are slightly larger than the size nominated.

Custom sizes are available on request. Please email us your requirements.


Frame - The Whiteboard Sign Series frame is manufactured from Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium.

Whiteboard -  is a gloss white finish.

Paper Hanger Series - The optional Paper Hanger is Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium and it has black plastic End Caps. Please refer to the Paper Hanger Series section for more detailed information.

Installation & Mounting

Wall Mount - The Whiteboard Signs can be attached to the substrate with double sided tape.

Workstation Mount - It can also be mounted to a bracket to fix directly to a workstation screen.

The symbols above indicate the mounting options available to the Whiteboard Sign Series. Contact S2K Identity Systems for more detailed information.


Suitable Uses

Whiteboard Sign Series is suited to a range of applications.

Suitable for interior use, some applications include:

  • Door Signs

  • Workstation Signs

  • Message boards

  • Meeting rooms

  • Staff Rooms

  • Offices  

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