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Where to Buy our Signage?

Are you a customer looking to buy a sign?

S2K Identity Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of modular sign systems based in Melbourne. S2K products are available across Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, the USA, Canada and beyond.

S2K can provide individual customers with referrals to reputable suppliers in the S2K signage company network. For more information, please email

Are you an Architect, Designer or Builder looking for information?

S2K can also provide architects, designers and builders with information and brochures regarding the extensive range of signage products and systems. We have brochures, technical literature and samples available. For more information, please call or email

Are you a Signage Company looking for a quote?

S2K has long-standing working relationships with a broad range of large and small signage companies in Australia and internationally. We are always looking for new distributors to work alongside.

S2K can provide new signage companies and those within the existing distributor network with competitive and timely quotes. 

Please send a quote request via email to or simply fill out the Contact Request Form.

Are you a Sign Company? You might be Interested in the S2K Sales Kit?

See the PDF link below for details, contact us for pricing and further questions.

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