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Braille 3D Braille and Tactile Signs


Braille and Tactile signs were designed for the blind and visually impaired. S2K’s Braille and Tactile Signage range complies with the Australian Building Code (section D3.6). To be compliant, all signs of this type must incorporate Grade 1 Braille as well as raised letters and symbols.

S2K’s Braille3D product incorporates raised text and symbols.

Braille is included for those with no sight, and the raised letters and symbols are included for those with a level of visual impairment and who are unable to read Braille.

Our amenities signage is available in a range of standard sizes and layouts. These signs are all mounted onto an aluminium plate ready for installation.

In addition, custom Braille and Tactile signs can also be laminated directly to the face of the Architectural Modular Series if required. This system is compatible with Braille3D. The Braille and Tactile membranes are suitable for use on any of the Inserts in the Architectural Modular Series range. This application allows the Braille and Tactile insert to be interchangeable if required.

Standard Signage Options

Standard Signs - Braille

Don’t see what you need? Contact us for custom options.

All Braille3D signs are manufactured in Melbourne from plastic materials and laminated to an aluminium plate, ready for mounting to the substrate. 

Other colours are available; please contact S2K for more information.

Installation & Mounting

Signs must be placed at a maximum top height of 1600mm and a minimum bottom height of 1200mm. The signs must be mounted to the wall on the latch side of the door no closer than 50mm from the frame.

For more information or recommendations regarding the placement of your braille signs, please don’t hesitate to contact S2K.

Mounting Options:
The symbol above illustrates the mounting option available for Braille3D Series.

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