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C-Channel - Door Signage Series

Wall & Door Signage Australia

C-Channel office signs, meeting room and door signs are designed to be simple to use, cost-effective and updateable in-house. 
C Channel Signs are offered in a range of sizes in both widths and heights. 

The office and door signage signs can be installed on any flat surface using double-sided tape, they can also be attached to desk stands or workstation screen brackets.   

C Channel Signs are perfect for high changeover information. 

How it works

Door Signs - How it works

S2K have designed a range of C Channel Signs that are offered in various sizes.

The C Channel itself is aluminium, the finish is clear anodised.

There are 2 different Insert options available for the C Channel. The Inserts slide in. 

The optional Inserts for the C Channel are:

  •  Clear Cover     (requires printed paper to be placed behind the clear cover)

  • Aluminium Plate    (requires vinyl text to be applied) 

The C Channel signs, do not have End Caps.

To Order or Specify a C Channel Sign, simply choose: 

  • The C Channel size

  • The type of Insert 

These can be mounted in a variety of ways, please refer to the Installation and Mounting section below. 


Door Signs - Sizes

C Channel Heights:

21mm, 42mm 63mm, 84mm,  105mm, 126mm

C Channel Widths:

100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm 400mm and so on...…..

Other widths are avaible, please specify the size you would like.


Door Sizes - Finishes

C Channel - Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium

Clear Cover - Clear Polycarbonate

Aluminium Insert - Satin Natural Anodised Aluminium

Installation & Mounting

The symbols above indicate the mounting options available to the C Channel Sign Series. Contact S2K Identity Systems for more detailed information.

Suitable Uses

The C Channel Sign Series is suited to a range of applications.

Suitable for interior use, some applications include:

  • Door Signs

  • Staff Identification

  • Name Plates

  • Area Identification

  • Staff Information

  • Workstation Identification

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