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Architectural Modular Signage

Interchangeable aluminium architectural modular signage system


The Architectural Signage Modular Series is a fully interchangeable aluminium signage system. A simple system, that offers extensive design and layout options.

Every AM Series sign consists of the 3 components, the Base, the Inserts and the Sidelocks, regardless of the size of the sign. This applies to all signs from small door signs to large directory boards.

Signs can be made with as few or as many Inserts as desired, which allows for a vast range of configurations and layout possibilities. Inserts can be updated or changed as often as name or information details change. Simply remove and replace an Insert as needed.

The Architectural Modular Series also has Inserts designed to accept paper and/or acetate, which makes the system extremely easy to update. The system’s most popular and cost effective graphic text option is vinyl lettering. 

With many different mounting options available, the system is ideal for all business, interior and exterior signage requirements, from small door signs through to large directory boards.

How it works

Architectural Modular System - How it Works

 The system comprises of three components:

  • The Base Plates (The backing panel / substrate)

  • The Inserts (The panels on which you add your text and graphics)

  • The Sidelocks (The locking bars on the left and right hand sides)


The Inserts slide onto a Base Plate and are secured by Sidelocks, one on the left and one on the right.


Every AM Series sign consists of the 3 components, regardless of whether it is a small door sign or a large directory board.


The AM Series allows you to design signs with your preferred number and size of Inserts. This system offers a vast array of configurations and layouts making it flexible and adaptable to your project and clients' needs.


Architectural Modular Systems - Sizes

 The Architectural Modular Series offers a range of standard Insert width and height sizes.

Insert Widths

Insert widths are available in multiples of 52.5mm.
The smallest width is 52.5mm, increasing in multiples of 52.5mm (i.e. 52.5mm, 105mm, 157.5mm, 210mm, 262.5mm, 315mm and so on). The widest single Insert available is 1890mm. 

Insert Heights

Insert heights are offered in increments of 21mm.
The smallest Insert is 21mm, increasing in multiples of 21mm (i.e. 42mm, 63mm, 84mm, 105mm, 126mm, 147mm, and so on). The maximum height for any single Insert panel is 1197mm. 


Inserts can be configured in a variety of layouts and designs to suit graphic requirements.

Locking Options

Architectural Modular System - Locking Options

The Architectural Modular Series’ Sidelocks are designed to fasten and secure the Inserts and the Base Plate together.

There are five Sidelock options to choose from:  

  • Standard – 1.5mm wide

  • 6mm wide – square cut

  • 6mm wide – radius cut

  • 12mm wide – square cut

  • 12mm wide – radius cut


All of the above options perform the same function. The difference in design of these is purely aesthetic.


Tamper Proof Option

Ideal for vandalism-prone areas or exterior applications, a locking option is available for signs which require tamper-proof security. This must be requested as it is a non-standard option.


Architectural Modular System - Finishes

The Architectural Modular Series is available in a number of finishes.


Standard finish:

  • Satin Natural Anodised finish


Other finish options:

  • Mill Finish – a raw finish suitable for painting

  • Painted Finish – single pack or two-pack in any colour

  • New York Finish – stainless steel look

  • Black Anodised – matte black finish

  • Gold Anodised – matte gold finish

Installation & Mounting

The Architectural Modular Series system can be mounted in many different ways. Depending on the size of each individual sign, there are a range of flexible options for attaching signs to the available surfaces.

The symbols above indicate the mounting options available to the Architectural Modular Series. Contact S2K Identity Systems for more detailed information.

Suitable Uses

The Architectural Modular Series is suited to a number of different applications,

such as:

  • Directories    

  • Door Signs    

  • Personnel Signs    

  • Directional Signs

  • Wayfinding  

  • Area Identification

  • Workstation Signs      

  • Statutory Signs 

  • Name Plates

  • Room ID

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Conference Rooms

The Architectural Modular Series is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

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